NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A group of vocal neighbors in East Haven and New Haven held a public meeting at the Hagaman Memorial Library Tuesday night about the impending Tweed-New Haven Airport expansion.

There was a large turnout of worried neighbors. Regina Aiello lives in New Haven. She has noticed the airplanes flying in and out of the airport are louder now compared to when she bought her house 30 years ago. 

“I’m moving as soon as I can, believe me. I want to get out of this noise and all the ridiculous things going on with that airport.”

Neighbors are also worried about the airport’s impact on the environment. Specifically, neighbors worry flooding will get worse when the runway is expanded. 

“When the runway expands, there will be more runoff. The wetlands can’t be moved out of the way without causing a real problem,” said Lianne Audette, who lives in East Haven near the airport. “The trouble is not enough of East Haven is turned on to the enormity of this problem and how it will affect them and future generations.”

Patrick Rowland gave a presentation about the financial impact an expanded airport would have on the area. 

Rowland said in part: “It’s a 43-year lease. They call it a lease but it’s really a 43-year agreement that the city of New Haven to give some other large corporation an opportunity to run their business.”

Neighbors were encouraged to voice their concerns by writing letters and posting signs on their lawns. 

A representative from the airport attended the meeting.

“We take the concerns of our neighbors very seriously which is why we are conducting an environmental assessment before moving forward on our project, hold regular public meetings and have created citizen advisory councils to ensure their voices are heard and that their concerns are addressed,” said Sean Scanlon, the airport’s executive director.