NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Rock Street Brewing LLC has pulled out of a deal to relocate the New England Brewing Co. (NEBCO) to West Haven, according to Mayor Nancy R. Rossi.

The brewing company was supposed to take over the former Savin Rock Conference Center. However, the deal ended after the NEBCO said they received a lack of support from “some City Council members, a few Land Trust of West Haven members, and an appeal filed by the owners of Jimmies of Savin Rock restaurant,” Rossi confirmed.

The original plan included the construction of a 45,165-square-foot building with a taproom, an event space, and, of course, a brewery.

Yet, due to disagreements, those plans changed. Instead of constructing a new building, the new plan was to renovate the former Savin Rock Conference Center. This meant a smaller building and the elimination of the “Brewed in West Haven” concept, making it just a tasting facility.

During the City Council meeting on Aug. 28, some council members and residents spoke about their concerns regarding the proposed lease agreement amendment. 

“Many residents say they want development, and I brought them a development they could be proud of — but a few City Council members and a couple of Land Trust members, along with the Jimmies’ owners’ appeal, tanked it,” the Republican said. 

While no details were released about future plans for NECBO, Marty Juliano, NECBO’s director of business development, told Rossi that the brewery allegedly has two other offers to relocate elsewhere. Juliano did not yet specify where.