NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – The Transportation, Traffic and Parking Department submitted a 141-page plan to make New Haven a safer place to walk, ride and bike. 

The director, Sandeep Aysola, submitted the plan to the Board of Alders last week. 

The plan is titled the Citywide Active Transportation Plan. The plan includes suggestions on how more people can use the streets for more than just driving. Aysola says the goal is to improve quality of life in New Haven. 

“[There] could be more walking because of better sidewalks, more people talking transit because there’s better transit information, better facilities,” said Aysola. 

A big part of the plan is biking. Right now, there are 37 miles where roads are marked clearly and only 8 miles with protected bike lanes. Cyclists have complained about drivers opening car doors in the bike lane. 

“People park in bike lanes all the time, whether they’re making deliveries or just like illegally parking,” said Max Koenig, a cyclist. 

After collecting data and hearing from the public, the city is planning to create a 128-mile bikeway network where cyclists can ride safely. 47 miles will have protected bike lanes. 

John Brehon manages the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop on Chapel Street. He is excited the city is planning to create more bike lanes. He tells News 8 people of all ages have expressed interest in riding bikes more often. 

“70-year-olds bring their bike out of the basement saying, ‘you know what, my car insurance is too high, I really don’t drive that much’. We love fixing old bikes.”

The plan also targets low-income neighborhoods and communities of color where bike lanes could be added. These priority neighborhoods include Dixwell, Dwight, Fair Haven, Newhallville, The Hill, West River, and West Rock.  “Bike lanes connect communities,” said Brehon. “New haven is the perfect place to have a bike, scooter, skateboard to get around”

There are also recommendations to improve the city’s sidewalks, intersections and bus stops. To view the plan in full, click here