NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Preparations have been underway for days to ensure shoreline communities are ready for this weekend’s storm.

Crews with the New Haven Public Works Department were getting their trucks ready on Friday. They’re responsible for clearing more than 800 city streets, which is about 235 miles of roadway.

“We’ll have 50 trucks around the city,” New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker said. “That’s a combo of the large snow clearance vehicles, pick-up trucks, and our outside contractors clearing snow during the storm.”

City officials are urging residents to be cautious and patient as the cleanup will take some time.

“We’re going to be running 12-hour shifts throughout the storm, during the pushback mode,” Jeff Pescosolido, the New Haven Public Works Department’s director said. “Then, through the operation going into the removal.”

Rick Fontana, the city’s emergency operations director, said the cleanup could take two to four days.

To help with the process, a city-wide parking ban goes into effect at 10 p.m. Friday. Those who rely on on-street parking can park in some downtown garages, neighborhood schools, or Yale lots.

“We really don’t want to tow people,” Elicker said. “We don’t want to ticket people. If we have to, we will.”

New Haven residents are also encouraged to take steps to make sure they’re prepared, including charging their phones, putting fresh batteries in their flashlights, and stocking up on essential items.

Once the snow starts to fall, monitor your home closely and make sure the snow isn’t piling up, causing potential problems later on.

“Those vents that you might have at your home for a dryer – a gas dryer, gas water heater, or a gas furnace – the newer ones come off the side of the house,” Fontana said. “We expect blowing, drifting snow. Let’s not become a statistic. Make sure there’s no CO [carbon monoxide] in your home, clear the snow away.”

In preparation for the storm, people also headed to grocery stores like Stop & Shop in nearby West Haven, as many stores are already facing supply issues. The storm is making it even more difficult to get stock up.

People News 8 spoke with said they went from store to store throughout the day Friday trying to get staples like milk and bread and that has been a struggle. People said shelves were empty, lines were long and it was frustrating, but they were doing their best to get what they could to last them a few days.

“They didn’t have half of what I wanted,” one shopper said. “The lines are like down the aisle and everything.”

If you have not gone to the store yet there is no guarantee they will have what you want. News 8 was told some IGAs around the state might have what you are looking for.