NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – New Haven clergy members are suing the city and its leadership over how it handled the search for a new police chief. Clergy members claim the city is violating its charter by allowing interim Chief Renee Dominguez to remain in her position even after the Board of Alders voted down her nomination to become permanent chief.

Those behind the lawsuit say they feel the mayor and other city leaders are not being transparent in the process.

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“Our city is in grave danger based on the leadership of the police department and so we are asking and we are suing to get a real interpretation on this charter that we believed that the mayor is not operating in an honest way,” said Rev. Boise Kimber, Greater New Haven Clergy Association.

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker says the city is in the beginning stages of finding a replacement for the police chief and says there will be a community input component of that process.

“We need a chief, we need to continue to have a chief until we identify someone new, and for us, to all of a sudden change course because of a press conference someone had is inappropriate and not in the best interest of the community,” Elicker said.

The lawsuit does not seek any money. An initial hearing is scheduled for early March.