NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With Tweed New Haven Airport’s neighbors, some folks who live nearby have been fighting any indication of expansion.

Some neighbors in the area aren’t happy about the expansion worrying their quality of life won’t be the same with more traffic and noise from construction to the proposed operation.

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Tweed-New Haven Airport revealed it has signed a letter of intent with Avports – the company that is set to take over operations here.

Local and state leaders touting the announcement as an economic boost for the area but neighbors here say otherwise, adding the deal makes living in their neighborhoods they call home a hard place to live with larger planes set to fly in.

Many are upset and told News 8 they felt as if there was little input from neighbors on this deal and they only learned of the news today when the announcement was made.

Gary Doering says, “This house is going to be jumping up and down off the ground.”

“We’re seeing small airplanes that have gotten bigger and bigger and now they’re talking about 737s landing here?” Anthony Ferrera says. “That’s a pretty sizable plane. It’s gonna be a lot louder. She house already shakes with the planes we have now.. I can’t imagine what it’s going to do to our houses and our windows.”

Mayor Justin Elicker said, “We talk about expansion, but in many ways this will decompress some of the noise. We worked hard to ensure there’s changes in the timing of flights, that there’s supplemental noise control measures. $1.75 million will go into soundproofing and other improvements to address noise issues that will improve that for everyone.”