NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Wednesday, Mayor Justin Elicker announced New Haven has 363 cases and 13 fatalities as a result of the coronavirus. He also confirmed Best Western in West Haven will be taking homeless individuals who have tested positive for the virus.

Tuesday, health officials said the fatalities include individuals as young as 42 and as old as 93.

Tuesday, in the mayor’s update regarding first-responders in the city, he said there are currently four police officers who have tested positive and are in isolation, seven firefighters who have tested positive and are in isolation, and six additional firefighters who are out sick but have not yet tested positive for the virus.

Among the concerns discusses, housing the homeless in hotels during the pandemic was addressed. Mayor Elicker says the State is working all around the state to identify hotels to decompress homeless shelters during the pandemic. The state – not New Haven – has been in negotiation with Best Western in West Haven to house homeless during this time.

The city and the state have so far relocated over 800 individuals who are experiencing homeless to hotels.

Wednesday, the mayor announced that Best Western Hostel in West Haven would officially be used to house homeless individuals who have tested positive.

“Most people have moved in,” Mayor Elicker said Wednesday. “There are 99 individuals that have moved into the hotel. Our goal has been 300 for quite some time. Between the hotels we have people in right now, we have 99 plus 95…we’re still working on another hotel, but we are happy that we made some progress.”

Tuesday, New Haven school officials reported that the two big challenges they are having is the lack of laptop devices for students, and the inequity of reliable internet issue.

New Haven’s Superintendent of Schools, Ilene Tracey, announced a donation of laptops has been made, so all New Haven high school students will be given laptops to learn at home, but the district is having a hard time assisting students learning at home who don’t have access to reliable internet connections.

The superintendent says Comcast has offered free internet services to the city, but there are restrictions that need to be worked out.

Wednesday, the City of New Haven announced, for their students relying on meals daily from school systems, it would be cutting down the number of days meals will be distributed for students starting April 13th.

Families can only pick up meals Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. But the mayor says “not to worry,” it’s only the days that are getting cut back, not the food itself. For example, if you pick up food on Monday, you will receive food for both Monday and Tuesday.

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