HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – In Hamden, News 8 saw the community come together to tackle snow removal.

“We look out for each other,” said Frank Santiago of Hamden.

Once the snow stopped falling, people who live in one Hamden neighborhood helped shovel each other’s driveways and walkways. Their kindness is appreciated by all who live there.

“It makes us feel better,” Santiago said. “Help people, help community out. As long as we come together, it will be fine.”

Across town, cleanup was well underway by Friday afternoon. 

“Our machine broke down today, so we have to do this manually today,” said Jennifer Aryee of Hamden.

Hamden Public Works crews were busy as well, working through the night and into the day clearing away snow on the town’s 240 miles of roadway.

WATCH: People find some time for fun after snow cleanup in Waterbury

People in Waterbury got a foot of snow. They were cleaning up all day but also got in some time for fun.

Amari Brantley was out with the Waterbury PAL Shovel Brigade, clearing snow for the elderly and disabled across Waterbury. He was part of one of three separate crews made up of mainly high school students who participate in the program, which is put on by the Police Athletic League.

“It warms my heart to be able to help them,” Brantley said.

Waterbury Police Department Lt. Ryan Bessette said this marked the first time they had the brigade out this season. They had around 90 requests to clear paths and driveways.

While Brantley may not have had that hard of a time cleaning up, the day did not go exactly as planned for Daniel Sharkis, who could not get his snow blower to start. Instead, he resorted to shoveling.

“Usually I prep it, you know, when I know there’s a big storm coming but this one wasn’t expected as much,” Sharkis said. “I didn’t go to the gym today so this will be my workout.”

It is the kind of work that Yvette Nunez and her son Cesar, who live in Watertown, did earlier. They treated themselves to an afternoon of sledding at Fulton Park.

“Hard work does pay off after shoveling and stuff,” Cesar said.

WATCH: Crews in New Haven work on snow cleanup

At the public works garage in New Haven, a lot of sand and salt went out on trucks. Crews there worked all night and all morning to clear the roadways.

Mayor Justin Elicker said the crews did a pretty good job, all things considered.

The big concern was if there would be enough plow truck drivers because so many people are testing positive for COVID-19. New Haven turned some sanitation workers into plow truck drivers to fix that problem, but there was another variable.

“As of [Thursday] afternoon, we were expecting around four to six inches. We’re up to around eight or nine around New Haven. The nice thing is, it’s really fluffy snow and it’s clearing pretty well,” Elicker said Friday.

“I can tell you the snow was coming down about an inch to about an inch and a half an hour at three this morning. So, if folks go outside and say a plow wasn’t down the street, it was, it just got re-snowed over,” said Rick Fontana, New Haven Emergency Operations Director.

Because the state did get so much snow, the snow clearing operations are not going to be done by Friday afternoon or evening. Cleanup is expected to stretch into Saturday morning.