NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — No matter what happens with the weather system moving our way, all hands are on deck at New Haven Public Works and across the region.

Tessa Mapplebeck, a student in New Haven from Australia, is looking forward to what could be a major snowstorm heading our way.

“It’s always exciting because I didn’t grow up with snow,” Mapplebeck said.

She is not the only one.

“I recently moved back to the area so I haven’t experienced a big snowstorm like that in a while,” said Kevin Smith, who lives in New Haven. “So it could be pretty cool.”

Right now, snowfall projections remain unclear. Either way, New Haven Director of Emergency Operations Rick Fontana said they are preparing for the worst.

“We’ll keep this city as safe as we can,” Fontana said.

Trucks will be ready to go, pretreating will start Friday and there is no shortage of salt or sand.

“As many people as we can put out in the vehicles, they’ll be out there as well as the outside contractors, making sure the arterial routes are done, our smaller trucks to make sure the smaller streets are done,” Fontana said.

Residents are also preparing in the days ahead, stopping by Goody’s Hardware in East Haven. Owner David Katz said customers are coming in in droves.

“Supply chain issues just puts people in a different state of mind of like ‘I’ve got to get it now,'” Katz said.

Some are driving 45 minutes to pick up a snow blower, something that many other shops are out of.

Goody’s started stocking up on snow blowers in April. They had 80 going into the season and only had 12 left tonight.

Katz said when they are out of snow blowers, they are out, but as for shovels and salt, there are still plenty to go around because they made sure to overstock.

“We’d rather have them for our customers as opposed to not having them at all,” Katz said.

Officials said one positive about this storm is it is on the weekend, so there is no school and many will not be at work. At this time, they are asking people to stay off the roads Saturday.