NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven officials are handing out at-home rapid COVID-19 test kits at two different locations Thursday. Thousands were given away at Sports Haven during a morning event.

The long lines, and people lining up early in the morning, are becoming familiar sights. Officials started handing out the test kits early because the line got so long. The kits with two tests inside are the hot item everywhere, and they go fast.

“There’s not going to be enough tests to go around, and that’s just the unfortunate fact that every community around the nation is dealing with right now,” Mayor Justin Elicker (D-New Haven) said.  “We’re doing our best to provide the public with these safe resources.”

The public appreciates it, some even looking to remember the day with a quick selfie. Officials said residents with symptoms of COVID-19, or who have had a likely COVID-19 exposure, should be lining up for test kits right now, but everybody has their own reasons.

“I’ve been out of town, and I think it makes sense to kind of get myself tested before I get out and get around other people,” Jerry Heard said as he waited.

“Because I have family members that now have COVID from the holidays,” Eve Gagliardi said.

“Families need to be more aware of resources that are in the community, and right now, this is the best time to stock up and be ready,” Mirella Ortiz said.

Some people were in and out of line within five minutes, and not everybody had a car. That’s why the city is holding a similar giveaway on the New Haven Green.

“It’s for people that don’t have cars,” Elicker said. “People that use a bicycle, pedestrians, public transit, because we want those people to also have easy access to testing.”

Remember, whether you drive up, walk up, or ride a bicycle, you have to be a New Haven resident to get the tests being handed out by the City of New Haven. It is like that in just about every city or town.

Two more giveaways are happening Thursday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. One is another drive-up site in the Sports Haven parking lot; the other is a walk-up site on the New Haven Green.