NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A New Haven Fire Department lieutenant is on administrative leave after he was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual assault.

New Haven police said they obtained an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Keith Norfleet on Aug. 22. He allegedly sexually assaulted a 32-year-old woman when he was off duty, according to police.

The investigation started in December 2022, the same month she was allegedly sexually assaulted, police said. The victim told police she met Norfleet at a bar, and then he “forced her to engage in vaginal sexual intercourse before she was able to leave his apartment,” according to an arrest warrant. She told police she told Norfleet to stop multiple times during the assault.

Keith Norfleet (New Haven Police Department)
Keith Norfleet (New Haven Police Department)

“In light of these charges, Lieutenant Norfleet has been placed on administrative leave by the New Haven Fire Department, pending the outcome of an internal investigation and these legal proceedings,” New Haven Fire Chief John Alston said. “An internal departmental investigation has been opened, and we will refer all findings to the New Haven Board of Fire Commissioners and other City of New Haven officials for appropriate action.”

“The work of the New Haven Police Department, accompanied by the full support of Chief Alston and the New Haven Fire Department, underscore a collective commitment by both departments to ensure the safety of New Haven residents,” New Haven police said in a statement.

Norfleet turned himself in at the police department on Friday. He was released on a $150,000 bond and was arraigned in court Monday.