NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven firefighters rescued a woman from inside a burning home on Arch Street Tuesday afternoon.

The New Haven Fire Department told News 8 that a woman with disabilities called to report the fire at the multi-family home and let them know she was inside her unit and needed help.

“We were the first on scene and we’re a truck company, so essentially, we don’t have any water, but we knew someone was in there,” New Haven Fire Department Captain William Perez said. “We’re going to risk a lot to save a lot.”

That’s what they did, navigating thick smoke and poor visibility, as additional help arrived.

“I didn’t see her on initial contact,” said Michael Sanchez of the New Haven Fire Department. “I heard her saying, ‘Hey! I’m right here!'”

These firefighters said it was all about teamwork. They worked in a coordinated effort to make the rescue a success.

“We got her on the back porch, she was getting attended to by the paramedics and she was expressing her gratitude for us,” said Collin Whalen of the New Haven Fire Department.

They saved her life — when the seconds counted.

“It’s a great relief that we were able to help someone who couldn’t really help herself,” Sanchez said. “It definitely felt great.”

For these New Haven firefighters, the training never stops.

“Every day we work, bettering our skills,” Whalen said.

They credited the training and camaraderie within the department.

“Whether you put us three in the same position tomorrow, or any guy on our job, they’d all perform the same under any condition,” Whalen said.