The first-ever New Haven Cocktail Week just began, bringing together 25 venues around the Elm City for 6 days of craft cocktail celebration. 

“To see everyone come together, the comradery in the restaurant industry in New Haven is above and beyond,” says Chef John Brennan of Elm City Social and Olives and Oil. Brennan is one of the organizers of the city-wide cocktail collaboration. The idea was born from local mixologists wanting to celebrate New Haven’s craft cocktail scene. 

To motivate you to get out and try new venues, they’ve even launched a Cocktail Week passport. “Lots of exploring the city is what we’re trying to achieve,” says Ordinary’s Tim Cabral. Each visit gets you stamps which can be redeemed after cocktail week is over until the end of the year. 

To see the full list of bars and their drink menus, head to