NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Does size matter? When it comes to donuts, maybe not.

That’s what the owners of Many Donuts are counting on, and things are going well so far.

“It’s a simple, small snack,” said one of the owners, Anita McLean. ”It could be a treat, it could be a reward. But, it’s definitely something that will put a smile on your face.”

The donuts are one size fits all. Mini donuts that are well thought out. They use frosting but they also combine cookies, even using breakfast cereal.

Many Donuts is definitely a mom-and-pop shop. Anita and her husband Cedric Emery opened their business in an Exxon gas station on Whalley Avenue in New Haven.

Word is getting out. Not only are the donuts tasty, but you can watch them being made right in front of you.

“The kids really enjoy it. Surprisingly, the adults do too,” McLean said. “They like to come up and watch the donuts flip. I mean just the whole aspect of us putting the toppings on the donuts… It’s kind of like a whole event to see, take part of.”

Emery is more of the silent partner, happy to let his wife do the talking. His background is in restaurant management. McLean doesn’t have the business background Emery does, but the idea comes from her past.

As a little girl, she loved going to The Big E and coming back with the sweet treats.

“We would go to The Big E and I would look forward to bringing home a bucket of cinnamon sugar mini donuts. That was always the highlight of the trip.”

Being creative helps when opening a small business during a global pandemic. Emery said it is really a family affair when deciding on a variety of donuts different than most donut shops.

“Me, my wife, my daughters… my 16-year-old is a big part of it. She comes up with a lot of these flavors and we just bounce them off of each other,” Emery said.

Right now, their advertising is mostly done through social media and word of mouth. They also had a small booth at the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony on the New Haven Green.

Whether you stop by or order online, McLean promises the treats will make you smile.