NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Comments similar to those made by former president Donald Trump on Sunday about American Jews were the reason why Norman Lear enlisted early in World War II, according to tweets from the producer Tuesday evening.

The New Haven native, who turned 100 this year and is Jewish, blasted the former president in a three-tweet thread.

“I was 9 years old when my dad was found to have committed fraud & was sent to prison for a few years,” Lear tweeted. “Alone in bed one night, my father away, I was playing with a crystal set radio and came across the vicious antisemitic voice of Father Coughlin railing against American Jews. I’m confident that horrifying moment resulted in my early enlistment in WWII and the 52 combat missions over Nazi Germany that followed.”

The White House has called Trump’s Sunday post on his social media platform, Truth Social, antisemitic.

“No President has done more for Israel than I have,” Trump wrote. “Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the U.S. Those living in Israel, though, are a different story — highest approval rating in the World, could easily be P.M.! U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel — Before it is too late!”

The post, Lear wrote, made him feel “nine years old again.”

“The phrase, a horse’s a–, was an everyday expression when I was nine and it occurs to me again now,” he tweeted.