NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Some positive signs in New Haven as more city employees and first responders are returning to work after being out with COVID. Efforts are also underway to put more testing kits into the hands of the public.

Mayor Justin Elicker says at one point 17 percent of the city’s workforce was off the job due to COVID-19, but those numbers are reversing.

Elicker made that announcement on Wednesday with other city leaders. He says many of those workers are members of the fire and police departments who are now heading back to work.

Meanwhile, despite the encouraging news about the city’s workforce, there is growing concern over COVID numbers in the city. The latest report puts that figure just above 20 percent.

As COVID-related numbers continue to spike, so do efforts to get people tested. According to Health Director Maritza Bond, the plan now is to get more rapid testing kits into the hands of the public.

People can start lining up to get those rapid test kits starting on Thursday.