NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A New Haven program is quietly helping underprivileged communities learn valuable technology skills. District Arts & Education helps different ages, but all at the same low price.

It is certainly not your usual summer school. For one thing, these students are adults looking to learn new technology skills.

“I always wanted to get into coding, programming, scripting, web development, things like that,” said student Tremar Bowden. “I got a flier, and I just took a whim and said, ‘Hey, let’s try it, try it out.'”

After just two months here at District Arts and Education, he is already creating websites, something he had no idea how to do before coming to DAE.

“So, we have two tracks in our adult program, explained DAE Head of Education & Community Kyley Komschlies. “One is front end, which is all the stuff you see on a website. the other is the backend, like when you log into Facebook, all of your pictures show up.”

DAE was started two years by Founder & CEO A.M. Bhatt. He has worked out partnerships, which account for the cost of attending the program.

“We have an extremely high price and that is a deep level of commitment,” Bhatt said. “Financially, there is no cost.”

News8 happened to stop by DAE’s New Haven office on a day when the adult class was in session, but it has a second campus in Stamford, and DAE has an extensive program teaching high school students, as well.

Last summer, News 8 visited the high school-aged students. They were putting together impressive digital video projects, all in one summer. The adult class in website production and coding is only four months long.

“The skills they teach you here, in the quick amount of time of four months, people will go to college for four years and still not learn them,” said student Sheau Muhammad.

They credit the collaborative, community feels for helping the learning process. Every Tuesday, they all sit down for tea together.

“You know, we tell people that life is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s a lie. It’s neither,” said Bhatt. “Life is a relay race. It’s a group activity.”

And these students will help pass the baton, teaching newer students before they leave. For more information about this free program, you can go to: