NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Some New Haven renters said they are being evicted in retaliation to forming a tenant union.

“I opened my door and on the floor is a letter from my landlord saying I’m going to have to leave my apartment by September 1st or face eviction,” said Jessica Stamp, who belongs to the Blake Street Tenant Union.

She’s one of 15 households who received a letter. Stamp, who lives at the Elizabeth Apartments in New Haven, was part of a group to collectively bargain with their landlord, Ocean Management, to resolve issues with maintenance, leases and rent increases.

“My neighbors and I started this tenant union after we realized we couldn’t solve our problems by moving anywhere,” said Sarah Giovanniello, who belongs to the union. “We’re past that point. If something isn’t done to limit landlord power, things will only get worse.”

However, after the third meeting with Ocean Management, tenants began receiving no-fault evictions. The union told News 8 it believes the evictions are in retaliation for organizing.

“We call on Ocean Management to withdraw these evictions, and we call on the city and the community to stand in solidarity,” said Luke Melonakos-Harrison with the Connecticut Tenants Union.

Ocean Management told News 8 in a written statement that rents for existing tenants have not increased since before COVID “despite sharp inflation and are substantially below market rates.”

“We met in good faith three times with the representatives in an attempt to accommodate, and even expressed our intention to make exceptions in some cases with specific financial needs,” the statement reads.

Similar unions have been formed in Hartford and other communities.