NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker reported Saturday the city now has over 500 people testing positive for coronavirus, and 15 deaths.

Elicker reported Thursday the city now has 463 coronavirus cases and 14 deaths, and that Hill Regional Career High School has started taking homeless individuals who have tested positive for the virus. Superintendent of Schools, too, announced their students will now be receiving free internet to do work while home-learning during the pandemic.

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Mayor Elicker said that as of Thursday, Career High School now has taken in two homeless individuals who are being treated for COVID-19 but have been released from the hospital.

This is the start of using Career as an isolation shelter for homeless individuals who have tested positive for the virus and have nowhere to go to self-isolate and recover.

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As of Saturday, according to the mayor, the city has 12 firefighters out sick, 11 firefighters who have tested positive, and 28 police officers out sick, and four police officers who have tested positive. One PD officer has recovered, been cleared by medical staff, and returned to work.

The city is waiting for the test results of 15 other firefighters.

Wednesday, Superintendent Dr. Iline Tracey reported that the school system was having trouble connecting all students to reliable internet. Thursday Dr. Tracey announced the school connected with Comcast, and the company is now giving families free internet and Xfinity hot spots for free while they are home-learning during the pandemic through May 15.

Earlier this week, less than half the students across New Haven Public Schools were accessing school work online. Dr. Tracey reported Thursday more than 80% of students are now accessing school work online.

Families can get access to the free internet through Comcast by reporting to their principals what their needs are. The principals will communicate with the superintendent to connect them with services.

“We are in gear to help families the best way we can through this process,” Dr. Tracey said.

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Mayor Elicker also expressing concerns about the spike in coronavirus cases in nursing home facilities across the city, saying “We’re having active conversations with the leadership of the nursing homes to limit any additional spread on the sites. This is something we’re concerned about and working on as well.”

The mayor says the state has been having regular conversations with nursing homes to make sure they are conducting safe practices to limit any potential risk of virus spread to the elderly.