NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven will not issue new citations for restaurants that kept outdoor dining after Nov. 15, city government officials announced Friday.

“Outdoor dining has been a wonderful thing for customers, restaurants, and the city-at-large,” Mayor Justin Elicker said in a written statement. “The City’s initial outdoor dining program began during the pandemic as a way to support increased dining options for residents and increased occupancy for restaurants, and it has demonstrated sustained interest that patrons and businesses continue to enjoy. It has also added a new vibrancy to many of our streets as well.”

However, Elicker wrote, the city must also make sure that streets and sidewalks can still be clear of snow in the winter. The dining structures must also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“We’re committed to working through those issues with our business community so that even more outdoor dining opportunities can be made available to as many restaurants as possible all year round,” Elicker said.

The restaurants must continue outdoor dining into the spring and summer, according to the city.

The decision to fine restaurants who kept their outdoor dining structures into the winter came under fire by the businesses who were issued citations.

Crepe Choupette, Koffee?, Atelier Florian and Zeneli Pizzeria E Cucina Napoletana were given warnings last week that their outdoor dining permit lasted from April to November. Failure to comply could have landed owners a $250 daily fine.