NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– The new year has begun without a new system in place designed to help out New Haven bus riders.

The GPS program was supposed to be up and running months ago. Bus riders in New Haven were originally told this GPS system would be in place a full year ago. Now they’re being told…maybe next month.

This is a system that would us GPS to track all the CT Transit buses around New Haven, and then folks waiting at bus stops would be able to look at an app on their phones and see where the bus is and when it’s going to show up. City officials really pressed the state for this because New Haven buses have a tendency to be late. They were told this system would be in place by the end of the year 2015. Well, it’s January of 2017, and still no GPS system.

There were two setbacks. For one, there are several different kinds of buses driving around New Haven, so they needed different kinds of hardware to install the GPS system. The other setback was that while the state runs the CT Transit buses in New Haven, the CT Transit buses in, say, New Britain are run by a private company.

The DOT wants riders everywhere to be able to use this technology, but the DOT didn’t want to install state equipment in a privately operated facility. So the vendor installing this had to come up with a new, multi-agency system that could operate independently in the various regions.

That won’t be available until February. There is one place where they are using this system as kind of a test, but it’s not here where they asked for it, but in Hartford.