NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Mangia Apizza in North Haven had its busiest weekend since before the pandemic — and attributes it all to one bite.

David Portnoy, who owns Barstool Sports, travels the globe eating and reviewing pizza literally one bite at a time.

“He called up, he put an order in under a different name,” John Mongillo, who co-owns Mangia Apizza, said.

Mangia Apizza in North Haven serves up New Haven-style pizza. Portnoy’s review? “Good crust…good everything. I’m gonna go 8.2.”

“I think it’s fair, I really do,” Mongillo said. “I thought maybe it could have been a little higher, but I heard he doesn’t give out too many scores like that. So, we’re very satisfied with his comment.”

That rare review led to many people coming from out-of-state to sample the pies last weekend.

“By him coming here, our business has increased,” Mongillo said. “This weekend was unbelievable. We made over 900 pizzas.”

What’s Mangia’s secret?

“The secret is my partner Steve [Galluzzi] and I, we’re just very consistent,” Mongillo said. “We use good products. He’s been doing this over 40 years. He’s one of the best pizza makers I’ve seen in a long time.”