NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The City of New Haven has 20 new police officers. They were sworn in on Tuesday in a ceremony with the mayor and police chief.

Mayor Justin Elicker says this is one of the most diverse police classes the city has had. He says it’s important for the department to reflect its community.

“This is one of, if not the, most challenging time to be a police officer in history,” Mayor Elicker said. “And it’s also one of the most important times to be an officer…We’re excited you decided to take this step to serve your community.”

Police Chief Renee Dominguez added, “You are starting something that is the most rewarding, the most difficult, and the most stressful … every emotion you have now will carry you through the rest of your career.”

This is the first recruitment class for the newly-appointed Chief Dominguez.