NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven Public Schools are set to re-open for hybrid learning next week but some parents and teachers are saying, not so fast.

Many parents and teachers are angered over the prospect of having students in the building again as cases continue to surge across the state. Another concern is the new variant strain of COVID found in New Haven County.

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Teachers and parents alike are taking to the New Haven Board of Education to sound off. Many say opening right now just isn’t the best decision.

Coming off of the holiday season, many returning from their travels and the uncertainty of the timeline for teacher vaccinations, many said the decision to open on Jan. 19 could be deadly.

The New Haven teacher’s union said it hopes teachers concerns are considered.

“I do not want to die,” said teacher, Jessica White. “The vaccine is weeks away and the end is near. Please, do not risk my life for this charade.”

“There’s concern that there’s going to be a spike or at least it’s very likely that there will be a surge and it doesn’t make much sense given the circumstance,” added Dave Cicarella, New Haven Federation of Teachers. “The numbers are much higher than they were back in November coming off of a holiday where kids have been together. Others have been traveling and now we’re gonna re-open? Very concerning.”

The city health director said the ball is rolling for teachers to have the option to receive testing and vaccines.

In-person learning via the hybrid model is set to begin on Jan. 19.