NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)- New Haven Mayor Mayor Toni N. Harp announced today that New Haven has been selected by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD), to participate in a national study to assess feasibility and develop “Pay for Success” capacity.

“Pay for Success”  brings together private, public and non-profit sectors to provide up-front funding to service providers. If the services provided achieve agreed-upon outcomes, the government repays the investors. If the outcomes are not achieved, the government does not pay, allowing the public sector to receive the highest return on taxpayer investments. Seven “Pay for Success” programs have been piloted in the United States, in the cities and counties of Chicago, Cuyahoga County, New York City and Salt Lake County, and states including Massachusetts and New York, in the fields of juvenile justice, early childhood education, homelessness prevention and recidivism.

“I’m delighted New Haven was chosen to be a part of an innovative, national movement to reform criminal and juvenile justice systems,” Mayor Harp said. “We know we’ve made great strides toward reform in New Haven, which can potentially be a model for the State of Connecticut. Now, as part of a nationwide clearinghouse on the topic, we’ll have access to ideas and initiatives to help accelerate our progress in this direction.”

In addition to New Haven’s YouthStat, two other programs will also receive technical assistance from NCCD for up to two years. Those programs are Alternatives to Detention and Placement, a program of the San Diego nonprofit the Children’s Initiative; and One Summer Plus, a program of Milwaukee’s nonprofit Community Advocates.