NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Rail travelers got a little cold shock as they stepped off trains Thursday evening into bitter wind chills.

“I mean, it’s very cold,” said Sophia Freaney, who is from Boston and visiting a friend in the area. “These pants are thin, but I know it’s supposed to be much colder this weekend, so I packed a lot of warm clothes.”

Dangerously cold weather will force a wind chill across Connecticut on Friday and Saturday. That arctic blast will make some places in the state feel close to -30 degrees. Saturday is also going to be bitterly cold, with wind chills ranging from -10 to -30.

Daniel Garcia, who flew from Dallas, Texas, to visit his daughter, was bracing himself.

“I’ve never experienced that ever before, so that’s gonna be new for me,” he said.

Pearl Foli, who lives in New Haven, traveled prepared.

“I have warm clothing in my bag, so I think I’ll be good,” she said.

As temperatures drop, the New Haven Fire Department anticipates that it will see call volume increase from 15% to 30%.

“We get a lot of carbon monoxide calls, and fires, unfortunately, extreme weather always drives our numbers up,” Chief John Alston said.

Those firefighters are used to the New England bitter cold. Alston said there will be at least 72 people on firegrounds at all times.

The state’s severe cold weather protocol is in effect from noon on Thursday through noon on Sunday, Feb. 5. During a severe weather protocol, state agencies and municipalities coordinate with United Way 2-1-1 and shelters so that vulnerable populations are safe.

Anyone in need is urged to call 2-1-1 or visit to find emergency shelters, warming centers, and other services.