NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The New Haven Police Department swore in four new officers on Monday, giving the agency a boost amid a widespread shortage.

Staffing levels in Connecticut have been reported to be down by as much as 30%. After they were sworn in, the recruits will attend the Waterbury Police Academy.

“You as a New Haven police officer will hold great power,” Mayor Justin Elicker told the recruits. “And, your ability to use that power in a judicious, thoughtful, compassionate and controlled way is critical to your success, but also to the success of our community.”

City officials addressed the recruits about the importance of the job.

“And we had officers at a Hill reunion basketball game playing basketball, right, and the next day, on Sunday, we had a tragic incident where officers are giving CPR to people and trying to save lives,” Chief Karl Jacobson said. “So, that’s what you’re in for, and it’s a great job.”

New Haven partners with other municipalities to train officers, getting as many into the pipeline as quickly as possible.