NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven’s Ferry Street Bridge will reopen Friday afternoon following repairs.

The bridge, which runs between State Street and Middletown Avenue and goes across the train tracks, is a staple in the community. However, Connecticut Department of Transportation crews have been working to repair the structure over the past five months. Crews worked to replace the bridge deck, along with other structural repairs.

“I know it seems like a small bridge, and for a lot of folks, it’s just how they get off the highway and into New Haven on the way to work, but for particularly the communities right around here – Fair Haven and Cedar Hill specifically – this bridge, and the connections it makes to and from our communities, has been a life blood for a number of years,” State Representative Roland Lemar (D-New Haven) said on Friday.

The total cost to repair the bridge was on par with the city’s budget at just over $3 million.