NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The Office of Governor Ned Lamont reported Monday New Haven now has 319 cases of coronavirus.

The mayor and health officials reported Sunday the Elm City has 241 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 9 fatalities, and their youngest patient is 1-year-old.

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The mayor reported Sunday that three people have died of COVID-19 since Saturday.

New Haven Health Director Maritza Bond reported that the range of ages of those who have died ranges from 42-93 and is a result of the combination of old age and underlying conditions.

The mayor additionally reported there will be another transfer of homeless individuals to hotels Monday, finalizing the transfer of homeless out of shelters to social-distance safely. According to the mayor, the hotel transfer Monday will be in West Haven.

Mayor Elicker made special mention of continued complaints he has been getting about crowded grocery stores. He said he wants to highlight the importance of the social-distancing procedures Governor Ned Lamont put in place last week.

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Governor Lamont put out an executive order last week outlining what needs to be done to keep people apart and safe in stores, and Mayor Elicker says he plans to enforce those rules in New Haven.

“We want to underscore just how important for stores to be abiding by this. Yesterday, I had to put out a robocall to all of the stores that we identified that we have on our list to outline some of these procedures,” Mayor Justin Elicker, New Haven.

Health Department officials will be inspecting stores in the Elm City, Mayor Elicker said, to make sure they are promoting safe social-distancing within their business. If they are not, he warned, he is prepared to shut them down for the safety of the public.

The mayor emphasized the importance of the public continuing to practice safe social-distancing and encouraged everyone to hunker down if they can: stay home, stay safe.

For more information on the city’s coronavirus numbers and the mayor’s orders:

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