WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A new walk-in COVID testing site on Bank Street in Waterbury is allowing even more people to get tested in the Brass City, with reportedly faster turnaround for results compared to several other testing sites in the state.

MedComp Sciences Sales Rep Collector Anna Fraioli said in just three days, the Louisiana-based company was able to collect more than 3,000 specimens from people in Waterbury.

“We ship them FedEx to Louisiana. In Zachary, that’s where MedComp Sciences is located and the people at the lab, the minute they get them in the morning, the next morning, they’re shaking and baking them and they’re posting people’s results by like 5 or 6 o’clock that next day,” Fraioli said.

Several other sites around the state are reportedly getting results back to people within five to 10 days.

“I did the pre-op on the phone and within five minutes I’m here,” said Jack Cooper, who was getting tested at the new site. “I went to the mall, it’s just crazy out there. I went out there for two days in a row and I couldn’t get in.”

They have another site, a drive-thru at Municipal Stadium, but they needed to close Tuesday because of frigid temperatures, forcing a lot of people to turn around. After one call to the mayor, Fraioli told News 8 they were able to open this new site a day early.

“They don’t have to really stand in the cold because we move people in and out pretty quickly and it has been a real convenience. People are loving the location and we’re able to service the people of downtown,” Fraioli said.

She said the location is ideal for those who cannot drive, do not have transportation or those who ride the bus.

As cases spike, more and more people are getting tested. Officials said the goal is not only to get more testing done but to make it more accessible.

“Having it here with the bus stop right there is so imperative because there are so many people here in this community that do not drive or that don’t have access to their own vehicle, so they can hop on the bus and come on down,” Fraioli said.

You can pre-register online here or register on-site. The site is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.