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North Haven car burglaries caught on camera

New Haven

Thieves were are caught on camera burglarizing vehicles in North Haven.

The suspects check for unlocked doors stealing whatever they can grab. A woman’s SUV was burglarized, She said, “Came out in the morning to my car a mess. Everything was gone. All Christmas presents.”

Brazen thieves cleared out the woman’s SUV in the middle of the night. One suspect acts as a lookout while the other crooks clear out the vehicle taking everything they can get their hands on. “One sitting in the back seat, one is in the front and one is protecting the back and they are taking items out of it,” she said. 

The woman told News 8 in just seconds she had over 5 thousand dollars worth of packages and electronics stolen. “They were gifts for my kid. They were my laptop computer that we use for work. There was some jewelry I just bought my daughter,” she added.

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Night after night in different neighborhoods thieves are captured on security cameras rummaging through cars. Eric Salvati said, “Actually I left my truck unlocked one day and it was the one day I forgot to lock it.” We noticed about half of the homes had cameras but it is not stopping the thieves. 

Charlene Ruggiero told News 8, “That’s a good thing because the more exposure we have they can catch these people.” Eric Salvati told News 8, “Just got to be diligent. Lock your cars and keep your valuables out.”

The woman said it’s just a matter of time before someone becomes a victim.  She added, “The issue is there is too many break-ins. It’s not just one here and one there.”

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