NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When Lauren Tagliatela came out to her parents at age 16, the world was a much different place. Growing up in Wallingford, she said her town did not have any pride celebrations while she growing up.

“If we had the rainbow sidewalks I’m seeing now and the pride celebrations, I feel like my life would have gone a lot differently,” Tagliatela said.  

Tagliatela now lives in North Haven and has been an integral part of the town’s pride planning committee. 

“My kids are about to enter the school system here, so I want to make North Haven as safe as possible,” she said.  

Earlier this year, the North Haven Pride Planning Committee met with First Selectman Mike Freda to get the ball rolling.  

“This is a very important day, and I want to demonstrate to this group that came to me that they will have my support,” he said.  

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Freda will also be the one raising the pride flag at the event. 

“I will always open my arms and my heart to every North Haven resident and anyone who wants to move here,” he said.  

The North Haven Pride Planning Committee has since raised thousands of dollars and met with several businesses that will take part in the event, which will feature live music, food, a bounce house, and a host of other activities for kids and families. 

Tagliatela said she’s proud to be part of the effort, not just for people to enjoy the day, but also to make sure everyone in North Haven feels included and accepted. 

“Everyone on the committee is incredible. They’re great advocates and I think they’re pushing North Haven in the right direction,” she said.  

The North Haven Pride celebration is scheduled for June 17th from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on the town green.