NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Happy holidays everyone! It’s National Pizza Day. But, if we’re being honest, isn’t every day in New Haven “Pizza Day?”

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This comes a time when the pizza wars are more aggressive than ever. In fact, the state of New Jersey won’t stop talking about it, announcing itself on Twitter as the so-called “Pizza Capital of the World.”

Well, New Jersey, New Haven has a few words for you: “Leave the pizza to us.”

The debate heated up last week with news that Connecticut wants to make pizza its state food. Even Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz tweeting out, “We’ll send you a slice. In the meantime, stick to the pork rolls.”

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Even Barstool’s Dave Portnoy is on our side on this one, tweeting, “Let me settle this once and for all. The pizza capital of the United States is New Haven CT. Anybody who says otherwise is wrong.”

Here in Connecticut, we all know it’s the best, but what exactly is it about the New Haven style that sets those slices apart? 

Here to help is Colin Caplan. He literally wrote the book on New Haven Pizza. 

“It’s the thin crust. It’s got a crispy thin layer. You’ve got a little bit of sauce,” said Caplan. “This char right there, that’s the way it supposed to be. It’s cooking a brick oven fire, fire licks that crust and makes it taste amazing.” 

Describing it is sheer poetry, but those who’ve dedicated their lives to the craft of making it, it’s a passion, and an art. 

“It’s not just something that you’re selling to somebody… it’s almost like part of you,” said Bill Pustari, owner of Modern Apizza. “You’re putting your signature on every single one of them that goes out.”