GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– A person was rescued after falling through the floor and down a 20-30 ft well inside of a historical home in Guilford on Sunday.

Police say that rescue crews received a 911 call for a fall victim who had fallen through the floor of a home and into the abyss of a 20-30 ft well, while helping their friend, the new tenant, move into that home.

The victim had fallen into extremely cold water, which went well over their head, and had to tread water for nearly 25 minutes.

(Guilford Police)

Firefighters used a rope rescue tactic to retrieve the victim from the well.

The victim suffered minor injures but was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

According to police, the house had been built in 1843 and the well was likely outside of the residence at that time. However, after renovations and an addition in 1981, the well was covered with wood flooring with no sub-floor or well cap in place.

(Guilford Police)

Guilford police remind residents that some of these older, historical homes may have hazards that were not upgraded by current code.