ANSONIA, Conn. (WTNH) — Ansonia police have arrested 22-year-old Andre LeFrancois for the killing of 20-year-old Rosali Acquefreda. LeFrancois is the father of the victim’s 3-year-old son.

LeFrancois is being charged with murder and risk of injury to a minor.

On Sunday, police found Acquefreda in the area of Coe Lane and North Coe Lane.

Officers were originally called to what appeared to be an incident involving a motor vehicle and pedestrian, but when they arrived, Acquefreda’s injuries were more consistent with an assault.

She was rushed to the hospital where she later died. It was later determined that she was stabbed to death.

During a news conference on Wednesday, police confirmed LeFrancois was the suspect they arrested.

ReportIt video sent into News 8 Wednesday shows the suspect being taken into custody.

WEB EXTRA: Ansonia Police announce the arrest of LeFrancois in connection to the homicide of Acquafreda

Christian Federici, Acquefreda’s boyfriend, said she was a good person.

“She didn’t deserve this. A man took advantage of her, a man that was the father of her child,” Federici said. “I just wanna say, I love you, Rose.”

Acquefreda’s father said during the news conference that his daughter was in a toxic relationship with the suspect since she was 14 and now “my daughter is finally at peace knowing that domestic violence and all of this is put away.”

Her loved ones with a message to anyone in an abusive relationship: “This could’ve been avoided. I tried my hardest. I was there all the time and she was so scared of this man and I tried to be there for her and it didn’t work out, so I’m telling you to speak up. Just listen and speak up,” Federici urged.

“That was the child’s father and nobody should fear their kids’ father,” Acquafreda’s father added.

Ansonia police say LeFrancois is being held on a $750,000 bond and is set to appear in Milford Superior Court Thursday.