NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are looking for two men who threatened another man with a gun on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail in New Haven Tuesday afternoon.

It happened around 3 p.m. No one was injured.

According to Yale police, the men fled toward Hamden. Police say one of the suspects was dressed entirely in black and the other wore a colorful jacket and jeans.

“I think that something like that happening during the day is very surprising because that’s not the type of vibe that I get around here,” said Zach Karpovich, a student at Yale.

While authorities search for the suspects, Yale police increased patrols in the area. Karpovich has used the trail for exercise throughout his college career at Yale. He says he usually feels safe walking alone during the day.

“I usually listen to music or podcasts so I’m kind of not super tuned in when I go on my walks, so I think I do try to make sure it’s during daylight hours.”

There are two police substations and emergency call boxes along the trail. Jamie Chan says she has never felt unsafe but is always extra cautious when walking.

“As a woman walking through any urban area, I try to stay vigilant,” she said. “I’m never like wearing my earbuds and walking sort of mindlessly, so I think I’ll just try to keep that up. In general, I think New Haven is a safe place and I really enjoy living here.”

Anyone with information is asked to call New Haven Police at (203) 946-6316 or Yale Police at (203) 432-4400.