Police warn shoppers: Don’t make it easy for thieves

New Haven

While shoppers are looking for the best deals at the stores, police say thieves are watching for packages being delivered at your home.

Officer David Hartman with the New Haven Police Department has some tips.

“A neighbor who is going to be home, have them look out for it and make the porch that where it is going to delivered less inviting to a crook, too,” he explained.

He said to have the package delivered to your workplace or to place a hold on your package at the delivery center. 

Police say when you’re shopping, pay attention to your surroundings.

“If you are traveling around the parking lots going to your car, stay in well-lit areas. Stay with other people,” Officer Hartman said.

This time of the year, police see an uptick in crimes of opportunity.

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“If you are carrying a pocketbook, use the shoulder strap. Put it over your shoulder as a sling. Like the car, you want to make yourself look like less of a tasty target for a thief,” Officer Hartman added. 

He also said don’t get distracted by your cellphone.

“Keep your phone in your pocket, your phone in your purse, in the belt clip, whatever it is, but don’t walk around like, we see this all the time, and when you are focused on your phone, you are not focused on your surroundings.”

Some shoppers don’t make it easy for criminals.

“Try to park where you can see the car at all times just stay close,” Robert Lacey said. 

“I kind of avoid the big crowds because I don’t want to be in whatever that cluster is,” Courtney Bryan added. 

Shoppers we spoke with say they are always on guard.

“I usually don’t take my wallet. I usually keep it in the pocket my hand is in. I usually don’t take a purse in,” Bryan stated.

“I definitely put everything in my truck. I won’t put anything in the back seat anymore,” Susie Dinnie said. 

“Always alert, always aware. Even if it’s a backpack, I try to carry it in the front,” Natalya Brown said.

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