WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — More than 40 high school students in Waterbury are getting a head start on their college education.

The students belong to the Early College High School Program offered at Post University.

Through the program, students can earn an associate’s degree upon graduating from high school.

Officials at Post University celebrated the acceptance of the 40 high school students to the program on Tuesday.

The education initiative is part of an effort by Waterbury city leaders, school officials and Post University to further advance the education of high school students in the Brass City.

“A lot of our students, we’ve already met, they’re very excited, families are very excited, they’re thrilled not only to start in a new program but also to have this opportunity to be on a college campus so early in their educational career,” said Sean Mosley, the vice president of Crosby High School.

The program aims to provide an avenue for students who are first-generation college students or would not typically have access to higher education.