NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With a frost advisory in effect for Monday night many heating companies say calls for maintenance on furnaces are starting to come in.

“I just had one today, an old time customer. She’s bed ridden. She called up, she couldn’t wait. I left the office, I went out on a service call and sure enough it was the batteries that need to be replaced in the thermostat,” said Gary Jordan.

Jordan is the service manager at Tracey Energy Services in New Haven. He says there are several things homeowners can do to get cold weather ready. If you go to turn the heat on and nothing happens, here’s his trouble shooting tips:

Check to make sure there is oil in the tank if you have an oil burning system.

Push the reset button.

“You wanna push the reset button one time and let it go. You can push reset to get your heat but then you can also call your service company so they can come out and see what is going on with it,” said Jordan.

If it is still not working Jordan says check the emergency switches and make sure they are in the on position. Check the thermostats to make sure they are on and in the heat mode. Also check to see if they need new batteries.

“A lot of times customers don’t realize it has a signal on the thermostat and it’ll read low battery. So, that right there will produce a service call that is something a homeowner can take care of,” said Jordan.

Jordan also says the air filter needs to be checked.

“It should be transparent on both sides,” said Jordan.

The experts also say routine maintenance and a year;y tune-up are vital to heating system efficiency and longevity. Systems without maintenance are 70% more likely to need a complete replacement.