NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Gun violence continues plaguing New Haven. As of Wednesday at noon, the number of non-fatal shootings exceeds 80, and more than 20 homicides have been recorded this year.

One of the tools used to help keep the city safe is an organization called Project Longevity.

“The goal of Project Longevity is to build collaborations, not only in law enforcement but in the community, so we can reduce gun violence in our midst,” Stacy R. Spell, manager of Project Longevity New Haven said.

The group’s mission is to reconcile law enforcement to the communities they serve and to inspire and reset past systemic and historical differences community to law enforcement.

Thirteen people were honored Wednesday with an award for their roles in helping curb the violence, including New Haven Police Officer Nancy Jordan, New Haven Police Lt. Derek Werner, Retired New Haven Police Asst. Chief Achilles Generoso, and New Haven Police Detective Joseph Landiso.

Jordan is a victim advocate service officer. Her main role in the program is to reach out to people on the verge of criminal activity during the annual call-ins.

“What they are trying to do is assist them and support them, so they won’t go out there and get into trouble and be incarcerated,” Jordan said.

Project Longevity is also committed to helping those like Hamilton who has been incarcerated.

“When I was sick with corona, he came through for me,” Hamilton started. “I have a job with Yale New Haven Hospital because of this man. I got my license because of Project Longevity.”

“Project Longevity is something that we know from time and time again works…it’s bought in from the New Haven Police Department from the bottom up to the top-down,” Interim Police Chief Renee Dominguez said.