NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven’s Puerto Rican Festival took over the New Haven green on Saturday, packed with festivities and live music.

News 8 is a proud media sponsor of the event.

Even when heavy rain came down during the event, people were prepared with tents and shelter.

This is an annual event celebrating Puerto Rican pride and culture. Puerto Ricans United spent all year putting the event together for the community, booking vendors and food trucks.

The event drew thousands of people, despite the party stopping briefly for a downpour. But the folks there didn’t seem to mind.

“We had to stop the music because our sound board got wet because of the downpour, and folks just started singing acapella and doing their own thing,” said Joseph Rodriguez, presidents of Puerto Ricans United. “It’s a labor of love, the crowd’s enjoying themselves.”

News 8’s Kathryn Hauser, Tina Detelj and Lisa Carberg took the stage alongside the many attractions on the main stage.

“It’s finally my time,” said a young girl visiting from Massachusetts with her family. “Today is the best day. I love it. I love today.”