NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer after more than 27 years on the court allows for the possibility of a successor serving for decades.

Breyer, who spent more than two decades as a Supreme Court justice, is known for being the most “pragmatic” justice on the bench.

President Biden has pledged he would nominate a Black woman to the nine-justice panel. No matter who he nominates, it is expected that Republicans will try to block Breyer’s replacement, something that has been seen often in recent years.

“I think a lot of it does frankly have to do with the fact that we are becoming a more diverse community, a more diverse country, so there are more voices jockeying for the few slots,” said Angela Robinson, a Quinnipiac University law professor and former Connecticut Superior Court judge. “In my perspective, our country has the opportunity to choose a path forward for the next couple of decades, and so who is selected is very important in that process.”

Robinson said you want justices who are open to hearing all perspectives and the 6-3 split right now between conservative and liberal justices seems to indicate there are a group of justices who have certain beliefs about precedent and who will change things.

That she said will have lasting legacy.