HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Nearly two dozen Quinnipiac University college students are armed with life saving techniques and will use their training to respond to emergency calls on campus starting next month.

Charles Dunn with Quinnipiac University said, “Almost every single time, we will be there before the fire department. They are responding from a little bit downtown and we will be on campus already.”

Quinnipiac University is launching an emergency medical response service staffed with student volunteers.

The students are trained and certified as emergency medical technicians and can provide the basic care in medical emergencies. The students will arrive on the scene before the local fire department can get there.

Edgar Rodriguez, the associate vice president & chief of public safety with the department of public safety, told News 8, “The Hamden Fire Department it’s miles away, so that will cut a lot of time off, minutes as you know can save lives.”

Rob Lay said, “We can do anything one of those basic trucks can do much quicker. If someone is suffering from a drug overdose we are able to administer Narcan.”

Lay and Charles Dunn have been working as EMT’s for years and now they are using those skills on campus.

Dunn said, “It has to be a better feeling to know that if you have a medical emergency, if that were to ever happen, that people would be able to get there faster who can actually make a difference and improve your quality of life there.”

This is the communication center were the 911 calls come in. The dispatch officer will give the EMT’s the location and type of call.

Rodriguez told News 8, “We look forward to serving our community and at some point if we ever need to branch out and assist the Hamden fire department. If they get too tied up, we are willing to do that also.”

Phil Brewer is the Quinnipiac University Medical Director for Student Health Services.

He said, “We are working with a bunch of students who are running towards danger because they want to help they want to be there and be of assistance when they can.”