NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer which has some business owners more worried than years past.

Given the pandemic, we’ve had adapt to a new normal when it comes to a whole lot of things. That includes eating on the street and the sidewalk.

For many businesses the past few months have been difficult but they try to keep a positive attitude.

“Other generations have had to endure some pretty bad things. This is our generation’s bad thing to endure I guess,” said Claire Criscuolo, owner of Claire’s Corner Copia.

Dealing with a global pandemic and the safety restrictions that come along with it like reducing indoor capacity by 50 percent. Many have had to rely on outdoor seating and with summer coming to an end, cooler temperatures are on their way.

“Am I worried that we only have 50 percent seating? Of course I am,” said Criscuolo.

Those temperatures may take away the outdoor seating option but not Claire’s positivity.

“So I’m just hopeful and I have faith that it will work out,” said Criscuolo.

Instead she’s reevaluating other ways to make up for it.

“We’re going to start doing like prefix dinner meals like for 24 and six people. We’re going to be doing birthday cupcake parties in a box to go. We’re trying to do trying to do things that will make up,” said Criscuolo.

And Claire’s Corner Copia is going to be celebrating 45 years in the Elm City in just under two weeks. But, of course, celebrations will look much different than they had planned.