There is a new push for restaurants to ditch plastic straws.

More and more places are replacing them with more environmentally friendly options, like a paper straw or simply no straw at all.

Elm City Social in New Haven is just one restaurant that’s made the switch.

“We started with the paper straws but they break down a little faster so we did a little more research into it and right now we use straws that are made from corn husks, so they’re biodegradable,” said Daniel Rek, Bar Manager at Elm City Social. “I’ve seen it everywhere, on social media, on stuff like that, and honestly it was a no-brainer for us.”

The new anti-straw campaign has already hit the dining hall at UConn. Mystic Aquarium has also gone plastic-free to reduce its carbon footprint

Do you like the idea of restaurants getting rid of plastic straws?