The Carpenters still hold the record for most consecutive top-ten hits–and their story began right here in the New Haven area. 

The musical brother-sister duo was born in New Haven, with their childhood home on Hall Street in East Haven.

“Over the course of doing our shows we’ve met a lot of people who knew Karen and Richard when they lived on Hall street,” said Michelle Berting Brett. “Some with stories of sitting outside their window and listening to them practice.” She and husband Mark, along with their Nashville-based band, tour the country with their show We’ve Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembered. The show is at the Waterbury Palace Theater Wednesday. 

“Karen, at the time, her musical gift hadn’t really been discovered yet. She loved music because her older brother loved music,” she added. “Richard was, from a very early age, a child prodigy and an incredible musical talent, right from the get go.”

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the Carpenters’ first album. Both Mark and Michelle, whose show is already booked for for a a 2019 celebration in California, hope New Haven will honor two of its most famous musicians. 

“People just love this music, it’s timeless,” Brett said, “it’s a joy to bring it to people.”