EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Rising tides are creating some flooding problems Tuesday along the shoreline in East Haven after the town got over a foot of snow Monday.

It’s an impeccable view of Long Island Sound, but when big storms hit, it comes at a price.

Resident in Connecticut cleaning up from yesterday’s snowstorm but what some people in East Haven are dealing with right now, is water on the wrong side of the beach.

High tide came up around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, flooding the streets near the Long Island Sound. Neighbors along Ellis Road woke up to about 18 inches of icy water, with big ice chunks, on the streets.

This round of tidal flooding came at a strange time. Not on the day of the storm, but on the day after. Folks around here are used to trudging these waters, there’s a big reason this issue occurs.

The area is below sea level and the pipe goes out through the creek and when the water comes up during an abnormally high tide, this is what happens.

Seashells also got washed up, and they’re blocking off the catch basin, preventing the icy water from draining out.

Clearing out access to that catch basin can help, but the water level will likely rise as high tide comes back at 2:30 p.m.

The other problem is that the remaining water will completely refreeze as temperatures drop in the evening.

So how do you fix the problem?

Unfortunately without a lot of pumps and millions of dollars, it’s not an easy fix. Residents have raised their homes up to help avoid major damage, but the flooding is inconvenient and the best way to fix it, is to wait it out.

With low tide occurring late in the evening, the water should slowly back into the marshes and into Long Island Sound.

Now the next concern is the water freezing over with temperatures in the 20s tonight.