NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — They’re often called the Holy Trinity of New Haven pizza. There’s Sally’s, Pepe’s and Modern.

“Unless you’ve eaten at one of these three places you’ve never had pizza and I believe that to the core of my being,” said Gorman Bechard.

Bechard is currently producing a documentary called Pizza, A Love Story. It’s the tale of the three competing pizza landmarks in the Elm City.

“What’s your favorite pie at each place?” asked News 8 reporter Jacquie Slater.

“Sally’s the plain, Pepe’s the white clam and garlic and Modern it’s either the cheese of the cheese and eggplant,” said Bechard.

This week, word that one of them has been given the green light to sell. Attorney Hugh Keefe represents the owners of Sally’s Apizza which has been owned by the same family for nearly 80 years.

“The three sibs, Richard, Robert and Ruth, they have decided to sell Sally’s a few years ago. They;re getting on in years and they want to enjoy the fruits of their hard work,” said Keefe.

After being locked in a legal battle for three years with one of the parties that first presented an offer to buy Sally’s, an appellate court threw out the case against them, paving the way for another buyer to seal the deal. Keefe says there is a sale already in the works.

But will a new owner mean big changes for Sally’s?

“Anyone who would take Sally’s and change the recipe would be an idiot and I don’t think you’re spending that many millions of dollars to do that,” said Gorman.

“It’ll be the same, alright. It’ll be the same wonderful, tasty, onion and bacon, I’m getting hungry,” said Keefe.

It sounds like pizza lovers can relax knowing new owners will try to keep the Wooster Street tradition alive.

“The whole thing about New Haven Pizza is you come, you wait in line, you get in, you wait more. You have the greatest pie of your life and it’s sort of an experience,” said Gorman.