NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) made history Friday morning after opening the first net zero building constructed by the state of Connecticut.

The building will serve as SCSU’s new business school, featuring nine general classrooms, specialized classrooms and lecture halls.

According to the university, the building’s solar panels generate around 90% of its electricity. Plus, it is heated by a below-ground geothermal field.

The school said the amount of renewable energy created on-site will equal the total energy the building uses.

The university administration explained that the building will give students new opportunities along with its positive contribution to the environment.

“We’re engaging students in learning opportunities with faculty to work on real projects in the community, providing advice, guidance, which hopefully help the students transform theory into practice,” Jess Boronico, dean of business at SCSU, said.

“This will provide state-of-the-art opportunities for students to learn technology, innovation…. this is a great day,” Larry Bingaman, president and CEO of South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA), said.