SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Have you ever seen your favorite Christmas tree ornament fall off the tree, breaking into tiny pieces?  Many of us have, and that is why the Naqvi family in Shelton invented the “ornament anchor,” to get rid of the problem altogether.

Two brothers came up with the idea while they were in elementary school and now their invention is sold in stores across the country.

15-year-old Mika’il and his 14-year-old brother Ayaan joined News 8 for an interview to talk about the “ornament anchor.”

Ayaan was only in fourth grade when the family took the ornament to the sharks on the show Shark Tank. Though the sharks did not “bite,” the boys got the last laugh as the ornament anchor is a big success.

“We just sold out completely online and now we just got in 600 lowe’s stores. So honestly, ornament anchor has been super successful,” said Mika’il Naqvi, Co-founder of Ornament Anchor.

The ornament anchor is just the start of things for the Naqvi brothers.

“Me and my brother, we’ve always been inventors, right, we’re always coming up with new ideas. And, I think ornament anchor is not the end all for me and Ayaan. We have so many other great and even bigger endeavors that we want to be able to achieve, and ornament anchor has been the first stepping stone to get to those ideas,” said Mika’il Naqvi.

Mika’il and Ayaan also donate 10% of the proceeds back to “Pets in need” a non-profit that promotes the adoption of homeless animals.